Monday, February 10, 2020

Birthday Project Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Birthday Project Assignment - Essay Example So my natural curiosity to research the historical importance of my year of the birth had become vital part of knowledge that would reveal how the year has significantly contributed towards making history. The research has divulged a plethora of information that has significantly shaped the future. The year started with it being declared as the World Communication Year (UN). The United Nations realized the importance of communication for socio economic development of under developed and developing countries. 1983 was proposed as World Communication Year for developing effective communication infrastructure across the globe. The computer giant, IBM also introduced PCDOS operating system for home computers and Microsoft had launched the MSWORD, the user friendly word processing software(IBM; Microsoft). Apple Computers also introduced new home computer, LISA with graphic interface (Apple Lisa). But the most important event of the year was the launch of first 1G network in Chicago, US with the first hand held mobile handset, Motorola DynaTac (bbc, 2003). The leap into the new communication system became the highlight of 1983. The cellular phone was accessible to the common man. This year will also go down in history for many of the Congress decisions for its serious commitment to eliminate racial discrimination. It was a year when the President Ronald Reagan signed a bill for declaring a public holiday to commemorate the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Junior is one of the greatest leaders of twentieth century who was able to make significant contribution to the civil rights of the African Americans. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi of India, his belief in the value system and intrinsic faith in non violence became his biggest strength. He took up the cudgel to fight for the equal rights for all human being and became an

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